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How Miracle Fights for Kids Makes a Difference

May 25, 2017

The people who work with Miracle Flights for Kids are known as “Miracle Makers,” and that is what they try to do. They are well aware that the only way they can continue to complete their mission of getting sick or injured children to the medical care they need to to engender trust in everyone concerned. That includes the young patients and their families, as well as the communities they serve and the people who donate to make these flights possible. These flights are extremely important. Often, a child is sick and needs medical help that isn’t available within a reasonable distance. Sometimes, the help they need is in another state and may even be on the other side of the country. Sometimes, families can’t afford the price of airfare.

Miracle Flights for Kids exists for the sole purpose of filling in that gap and making sure money for airfare isn’t a barrier to good health. Miracle Flights for Kids will pay to fly any patient who qualifies, as well as two parents or guardians to wherever they need to go, in order to receive treatment, follow-up care or even to get a second opinion. To be eligible for the program, families only need a local doctor's referral, a confirmation of the appointment and income verification.

The goal of Miracle Flights for Kids is to make sure that every flight request is fulfilled for every underserved family who needs the help. Over the course of their existence, they have so far provided more than 100,000 flights to sick children and their families, covering more than 55 million miles. Thanks to their assistance, a lot of families who have received the treatment their child needs for their, regardless of where in the United States that healthcare was located.